On mange quoi aujourd'hui chez Maryline?

On mange quoi aujourd'hui chez Maryline?



Warm French goat's cheese Salad

Avocados with Tiger Prawns

Greek Tzatziki with French Fromage blanc or Greek Yoghurt

Quick Quiche

Eggs Mimosa Style with Fresh Prawns


Chicken Chasseur

Potato Rosti Ardèche region Style

Easy-to-cook Roast Duck Crown

Pork medallions with Apples and Cider

Turkey Escalopes in a Creamy Sauce

Homemade Cordon Bleu

Tavva (Cypriot recipe:baked lamb with potatoes, onions and tomatoes)

Fillet of Plaice with pasta/ spinach and ricotta cheese

Risotto Chorizo/ King Prawns in white wine

Oriental Style Chicken

Coq au vin

Tartiflette; reblochon cheese dish from the Savoy region

Chicken breast fillets in a Cider Jus; recipe from Brittany

Sausage stew in a spicy tomato sauce

Eggs cooked au gratin with Double Cream

Beef Stew in Guinness

Chicken drumsticks in a spicy Basque sauce


Chocolate Moelleux

Light Chocolate Mousse

French Apple Tart

Smooth cake with yoghurt and apples