On mange quoi aujourd'hui chez Maryline?

On mange quoi aujourd'hui chez Maryline?

Homemade Cordon Bleu


For 4 persons



2 pieces of Chicken Breast Fillets (or Turkey) per person

8 rashes of Bacon

Cheddar Cheese

2 eggs




  1. Slice in half each fillet on the side leaving the ends sealed
  2. Insert a thin slice of cheddar, then a rash of bacon and again a thin slice of cheddar in the middle of the breast fillets
  3. Close together the fillets to make a pouch
  4. Use 3 plates: one with the whisked eggs, one with flour and the last one with breadcrumbs
  5. Coat each fillet on both sides with the whisked eggs, then with flour and finally with breadcrumbs. This is a messy operation but worth it!
  6. Tip: Put in the fridge for an hour
  7. Melt a knob of butter in a pan and fry each side of the Cordon Bleu
  8. Put in the oven for 20 mn at 200°



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