On mange quoi aujourd'hui chez Maryline?

On mange quoi aujourd'hui chez Maryline?

Risotto Chorizo/ King Prawns in white wine


pour 4 personnes



225 g of arborio rice (risotto)

1 chorizo

300 g of Fresh King Prawns

1 shallot

1 garlic clove

185ml of white wine like Chardonnay (= little bottle of wine for 1)

600 ml of very hot Chicken stock


  1. Peel the shallot and thinly slice it.
  2. Crush the garlic clove.
  3. Slice the chorizo and peel off the king prawns (take out the heads)
  4. Gently fry the chorizo along with the shallot and garlic for a few minutes.
  5. Add the arborio rice and mix well.
  6. Pour the very warm chicken stock (to help the cooking of the rice) and white wine. Simmer for 25 mn.
  7. Finally, add the King Prawns and simmer another 10 minutes. (this risotto should be a bit orangey due to the chorizo)


Absolutely delicious!


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